This high performance unit is designed to be used with the Skins Toaster for the ultimate in Deep Penetration Waxing. If you are waxing in high volume, using the Roll-Coater can reduce waxing costs by up to 50% - a substatial savings over the course of a season. The Roll-Coater allows for the ultimate in flexibility when deciding which wax formula to use. The procedure for using the Roll-Coater is simple:

Coat the base of the board or ski with a thin layer of wax by simply sliding the snowboard over the specially designed rubber roller. Place a sheet of Waxless Skins Film over the base of item being waxed. Place the Toaster on top and press START.

That's all there is to it! You get the same Deep Penetration quality, convenience, speed and everything else that makes using the Toaster so great! And now you can have the benefit of using any wax formula you choose.
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